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Drying and storage of the kernels of the argan tree

[ Séchage et stockage des amandes de l’arbre de l’arganier ]

Volume 21, Issue 2, September 2017, Pages 323–333

 Drying and storage of the kernels of the argan tree

Abdelouahhab MOUNTASSER1, Miloud EL HADEK2, and M'barek BENCHANAA3

1 Département de chimie, Université Ibn Zohr, Faculté des sciences, BP 3878, Talborjt, Agadir, Morocco
2 Département de chimie, Université Ibn Zohr, Faculté des sciences, BP 3878, Talborjt, Agadir, Morocco
3 Department de chimie, Université Kadi Ayad, Faculté des sciences, Bd Prince Moulay Abdellah, B.P 2390, 40001 Marrakech, Morocco

Original language: French

Received 22 February 2017

Copyright © 2017 ISSR Journals. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


The Argania spinosa (L. Skeels) is an endemic tree of the south-west morocco. It gives a fruit that contains a seed oleaginous. Oil is produced from the kernels by press or by hands Or by an organic solvent such as hexane. This work has for objective to study parameters influencing the storage of kernels practiced before extraction of oil. Optimal storage conditions of the argan tree kernels were determine by measuring the water activity, such a measure allowed to control and optimize the manufacturing process and conservation and ensure its mechanical stability, physical, chemical, and microbiological. Thus water sorption isotherms of argan kernels were determined at different temperatures : 40 ° C and 70 ° C using the standard static gravimetric method. Six saturated salt solutions selected to give different relative humidity in the range of 0.05–0.90 were used. Results showed that temperature has a great effect on the sorption isotherms kernels. kernels lost a great part of their water when the temperature increases. Thus temperature accelerates the drying reaction. The optimum size of kernels allowing to have optimum drying is located between 0,6mm and 1mm. Increasing the thickness of the contact surface reduces the effect of drying parameters.

Author Keywords: Sorption, isotherm, water activity, argan, kernel, conservation.

Abstract: (french)

Le but de ce travail est la détermination des isothermes de désorption-adsorption des amandes de l’arganier Argania spinosa (L. Skeels) à la température 40°C et 70°C prévues pour le stockage. Dans ce cas la méthode des sels saturés est utilisée. Ainsi que l’effet des certains facteurs sur la cinétique de séchage notamment : la température, la granulométrie et la charge. Les résultats ont montré que la température a une influence importante sur les isothermes de sorption des amandes de l’arganier. Plus la température est importante plus les amandes perdent une quantité importante de leur teneur en eau. La température accélère le séchage des amandes. La granulométrie optimale permettant d’avoir un séchage optimal des amandes est comprise entre 0,6mm et 1mm. L'augmentation de l'épaisseur de la surface de contact diminue l'effet des paramètres de séchage.

Author Keywords: isotherme, sorption, activité de l’eau, arganier, amande, conservation.

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Abdelouahhab MOUNTASSER, Miloud EL HADEK, and M'barek BENCHANAA, “Drying and storage of the kernels of the argan tree,” International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 323–333, September 2017.